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First “Dies Academicus”: Hof University is the innovation driver of the region

The “1st Dies Academicus” took place at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Representatives from society, business and the university community had the opportunity to learn more about the research activities and current projects at Hof University of Applied Sciences. During the event, students were also honored for special achievements

Top row from left: District Administrator Dr. Oliver Bär, Prof. Dr. Ronald Hechtfischer, Prof. Dr. Fridtjof Langenhan, Raphael Heinz (Graduate Award Viessmann Technology Foundation) and Johannes Kade (Graduate Award of the Society of Friends and Sponsors), Yash Jadish Jagwani (Laureate International Award) and Bastian Schneider (Graduate Award Viessmann Technology Foundation); Bottom row from.l.: Werner Mergner (Viessmann Technology Foundation), Dr. Dorothee Strunz (Society of Friends and Sponsors of Hof University), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Müller, Florian Stöfer (winner of the Master Prize of the European Management Institute EMI), Victoria Stratmann (graduate prize of the Society of Friends and Sponsors), Matthias Gedler (Alumni Prize for Outstanding Commitment) and Hof’s Lord Mayor Eva Döhla; Missing from the picture: Jana Bußler (Prize of the Women’s Representative); Photo: Jörg Schleicher;

The approximately 150 guests at the event, which was held for the first time, were able to obtain information in three lecture slots on the topics of technology, business/law and IT/digital data acquisition. Various lecturers from the four faculties and the research institutes of the university reported on a large number of current research projects. Beforehand, Heidrun Piwernetz, President of the Upper Franconian Government, had expressly praised Hof University of Applied Sciences for its lively research activities

The university creates more and more future opportunities made in Hof! It is an innovation driver that is always geared to the needs of our economy and provides answers to the questions of tomorrow – a great joint effort whose development is impressive.”

Heidrun Piwernetz, District President of Upper Franconia
Upper Franconia’s District President Heidrun Piwernetz; photo: Jörg Schleicher;

Graduate awards presented

The event, moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Valentin Plenk, Vice President for Research and Development, was also used to award the best graduates of the past year. Raphael Heinz (computer science) and Bastian Schneider (engineering) received the prize of EUR 1000 from the Hans Viessmann Technology Foundation from board member Werner Mergner. The prize of the Women’s Representative of Hof University of Applied Sciences went to Jana Bußler for her excellent performance in the field of industrial engineering. Dr. Dorothee Strunz, Chairwoman of the Society of Friends and Sponsors of Hof University of Applied Sciences, presented the awards to Victoria Stratmann (International Management) and Johannes Kade (Computer Science), two other students who then had the opportunity to present their excellent work to the audience in short presentations.

International Award of the City of Hof

The “International Award” for the past year, presented by Hof’s Mayor Eva Döhla, went to Yash Jadish Jagwani, who successfully conducted research in the field of innovative textiles at the university’s Münchberg site. The European Management Institute (EMI) award for the best master’s student went to Florian Stöfer, who graduated with particularly good grades in logistics. Finally, the Hof University of Applied Sciences Alumni Award traditionally honors students who have rendered outstanding service to the common good of the university in a special way and in an honorary capacity: This year, this honor went to Matthias Gedler. He had worked for years in various committees of the Hof University of Applied Sciences for the interests of the students and was also active beyond that in many ways in an honorary capacity at the Hof Campus

Klaus Karl-Kraus with quiet tones

An impulse lecture to science & research supplied the well-known Franconian Kabarettist Klaus Karl Kraus, which maintains a lectureship for years at the university yard and teaches there among other things to the topic enterprise culture. In his witty lecture, he also often struck quiet and thoughtful notes and reminded those present what the real task of research is

It is people who are the focus. It’s about making life more pleasant, but also more compatible for our planet.”

Klaus Karl-Kraus, cabaret artist and lecturer
The well-known Franconian cabaret artist Klaus Karl-Kraus has also been teaching at Hof University of Applied Sciences for years; photo: Jörg Schleicher

Direct contact with research

Finally, later in the day, the Digital Award of Teaching 2020 & 2021 and the Special Award Research 2021 were presented (separate announcement). During the first Dies Academicus of Hof University of Applied Sciences, visitors also had the opportunity to get in touch directly with researchers at Hof University of Applied Sciences and to discuss new ideas.

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