City lecture in the student café “Zur Auszeit”: University comes to Hof city center

"Learning from bees - bee democracy" is the first title of the new city lecture that Hof University of Applied Sciences is inviting interested members of the public to attend on April 11 at 5.30 pm in the center of Hof. "Yes, absolutely", Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heym immediately agreed to the idea and will talk about bees. With this series of events, Hof University of Applied Sciences would like to share the secrets of its researchers. The focus can also be on more private topics such as bee research. [more]

published: 25.03.2024

Information, music and culinary delights: the “Night of the Sciences 2023” on June 23

After a four-year break due to corona, Hof University of Applied Sciences is once again inviting the general public to the "Night of the Sciences" at the Hof campus on June 23. A diverse program of research, teaching, music and culinary delights will be on offer. Visitors can not only get to know the facilities, but also try out many future trends for themselves. [more]

published: 20.06.2023

Innovative Women: “Making Tomorrow’s World Better”

In a video portrait in the "Innovative Women" series, researcher Jessica Wittmann from the Institute of Materials Science explains how surface coatings are developed from natural and sustainable raw materials such as cinnamon or crab shells to keep germ contamination as low as possible and where they are used. [more]

published: 27.01.2023

Green hydrogen: New research focus at Hof University of Applied Sciences

With funding from the Hightech Agenda Bayern, Professors Tobias Plessing, Tobias Schnabel and Jörg Krumreich and Deputy Institute Director Andy Gradel are currently closing a gap in the research landscape on hydrogen technologies for the future at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Their research focus is on the production of green hydrogen. [more]

published: 07.12.2022

“Researcher hike”: From the university to Gumpertsreuth

The daily teaching and research routine does not always allow to think about the "overall situation" and the general conditions at the university. For this reason, Vice President Valentin Plenk, who is responsible for research at Hof University of Applied Sciences, invited the research professors to a short hiking trip. The idea was to ask where the researchers needed support from the administration in their daily work and which processes they felt still needed to be changed [more]

published: 15.07.2022

1.5 million euros in funding for the Institute for Water and Energy Management

Since October 2020, Prof. Günter Müller-Czygan has been Endowed Professor for Water Infrastructure at the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences. For 1.5 years now, he has headed the Water Infrastructure and Digitization Research Group at Hof University of Applied Sciences, during which time he has brought the iwe millions in funding. [more]

published: 09.02.2022

Inquiry: How does research actually use social media?

Whether researchers use social media for external science communication is influenced by many factors. So far, however, there have been hardly any studies that systematically look at these factors. A study by Anne Henning and Sarah Kohler now aims to close this gap [more]

published: 23.11.2021

Lively exchange of young researchers at Hof University of Applied Sciences

The aim of the 2nd Institute Colloquium between the approximately 70 participating scientists was to improve networking and to promote scientific exchange among each other. Thus, not only the interdisciplinary cohesion should be strengthened, but also cross-institutional discussions should take place [more]

published: 28.09.2021