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“Researcher hike”: From the university to Gumpertsreuth

The daily teaching and research routine does not always allow to think about the “overall situation” and the general conditions at the university. For this reason, Vice President Valentin Plenk, who is responsible for research at Hof University of Applied Sciences, invited the research professors to a short hiking trip. The idea was to ask where the researchers needed support from the administration in their daily work and which processes they felt still needed to be changed. The aim was to have a relaxed exchange. The idea and the excursion were welcomed, so that almost ten professors set off.

Arrived at the “Altes Haus” inn in Gumpertsreuth: this year’s researcher hiking group; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

In recent years in particular, research activities at the university have increased sharply, with researchers vigorously soliciting projects and funding. However, the success and the associated growth naturally also has disadvantages: Administrative structures have to be readjusted and, in some cases, newly created. In some places, the university has simply grown too quickly and must now readjust in a similar way to an agile startup.

The result of the informal exchange is impressive and gives Valentin Plenk some tasks for the future, which are certainly not all easy and quick to implement. The following three points were mentioned in particular: Financial processing, intellectual property rights and the new research information system (FIS), which is to be introduced. A smaller topic was business trips. Some suggestions also came with a solution right away.

Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

After the exchange on the way there, the group noted down their thoughts on moderation cards and ended the evening in lively discussion at the inn in Gumpertsreuth and on the subsequent way back to the university.

Anne-Christine Habbel

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