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Innovative Women: “Making Tomorrow’s World Better”

In a video portrait in the “Innovative Women” series, researcher Jessica Wittmann from the Institute of Materials Science explains how surface coatings are developed from natural and sustainable raw materials such as cinnamon or crab shells to keep germ contamination as low as possible and where they are used:

The motivation behind this research is to create something that doesn’t exist today. So to drive the development of tomorrow to somehow make the world a better place.”

Jessica Wittmann
Researcher Jessica Wittmann shooting the video portrait, which also documents her private hobby of “classic cars”;
photo: #innovativeWomen;

In each of the video portraits, the campaign, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Research (BMBF), puts the public spotlight on an innovative woman, her excellent professional activity and the achievements associated with it. The aim is for innovative women to be perceived as self-evident achievers and experts in society in the course of equal rights.“InnovativeWomen” is a platform for excellent women in science, business and society. The campaign is part of the funding line “Women in science, research and innovation: making achievements and potential visible, anchoring visibility structurally”.

Click here for the video portrait:

Click here to go to the #innovativefrauen platform….

Anne-Christine Habbel

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