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Network launch: Further training for local heating, energy management and refrigeration technology!

Three new professional networks have been set up at the Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iwe) with major participation from local businesses. As part of a project funded by the European Social Fund, their aim is to ensure a constant transfer of knowledge between research and companies through free further training and to promote the implementation of new technologies. At the kick-off meeting as part of the EnerNet project at Hof University of Applied Sciences, around 60 specialists from the fields of refrigeration technology, local heating and energy management came together to work together within their own networks in future. The first training dates for the current year were also announced.

Triple network kick-off meeting at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys); Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The project launched is the successor to the project “Expansion and digitalization of efficient regenerative local heating networks” (ADerN), which was also successfully completed at iwe, and extends the previous field of activity to other areas of the energy industry. The latter is undergoing highly dynamic change: legal framework conditions and opportunities are changing at ever shorter intervals in some cases. “It is therefore necessary to inform supply companies and decision-makers about the current technical and bureaucratic status and to ensure a transfer of knowledge to create a reliable and economical energy supply in Bavaria,” said Institute Director Prof. Dr. Tobias Plessing in his welcoming address at the launch event. The Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iwe) has a particularly key role to play in this defined task in the region.

Best practice examples

The business representatives who attended were then informed by Andreas Kätzel from the Upper Franconia Chamber of Crafts about the topic of “Networking in the skilled trades”, before Dirk Maiwald presented success stories from the local heating network of WILO SE in Hof. The presentation by Reinhold Behr from Friedrich-Wilhelm Raiffeisen Energie eG in Großbardorf also focused on such successful implementations of local heating technology.

Lectures, information and discussion about the best further training; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Independent advice

Finally, Dr.-Ing. Andy Gradel, Deputy Director of the iwe, and Diana Stein were able to explain the new project to the guests in attendance. According to them, the primary aim is to network the parties involved and provide them with independent advice. After all, there are often communication or bureaucratic obstacles that can be quickly overcome through the exchange of information between all parties involved in the value chain, said Dr. Gradel.

First network events in 2024

The three networks now created by EnerNet will be coordinated in future by Diana Stein (air conditioning and refrigeration technology), Matthias Kreuzer (local heating) and Nicole Bierwert (energy management) – all research assistants at iwe. The content and best starting points for the upcoming training measures were then discussed and determined with them.

The first events within the networks are already scheduled for the current year:

In the field of air conditioning and refrigeration technology:

Air conditioning and refrigeration technology network meeting (presence)
11.Sept. 2024 2-5 p.m
Keynote speech “Is the refrigeration system manufacturer dying out?”
Panel discussion: “The intersection of HVAC and refrigeration engineers”

Experiments on the CO2 refrigeration machine (presence)
22.Oct .2024 2-5 p.m
The workshop consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the handling of CO2 will be discussed. The practical part will include a refrigerant exchange, a component change and a filling quantity determination.

In the field of local heating:

Local heating network meeting (presence)
18.Sept.2024 2-6 p.m

Law and finance (hybrid)
08.Oct.2024 10-16 h
The 1st workshop will deal with the topics of law and finance. We want to shed light on what is part of a solid financial plan that convinces both financiers and buyers and what financing options are available. These two topics also have an impact on security of supply. We will also be looking at what is known as “contracting”.

Operator get-together(presence)
23.Oct. 2024 from 6 pm

In the area of energy management:

All further training events are divided into a beginners’ part (2.00 – 3.30 p.m.) and a part for experienced energy managers (3.30 – 5.00 p.m.). You are welcome to take part in both parts.

Network meeting energy management (presence)
25.Sept.2024 3-5 p.m

Basics of energy management systems (digital)
05.Nov 2024 2-5 pm
An introduction to the basics of DIN EN ISO 50001. Participants will learn which requirements their company must meet and how implementation can be carried out effectively. The focus will also be on the challenges involved in planning and implementing an energy management system.


Further information on the individual events and the exact program are available approximately 4 weeks before the event date on the website EnerNET – Continuing Education Network for Energy, Cooling and Local Heating – Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (hof-university.de). You can also register online for the events there. The events for 2025 can already be found on the website.

Further contact: projekt-adern@hof-university.de.

Rainer Krauß

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