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The MakerSpace introduces itself: High-tech workshop for creative minds

The MakerSpace in the C-Building at Hof University is a professional workshop with high-tech machines, tools and software. In an interview with René Göhring, the project engineer of the MakerSpace, and student employee Lea Schmidt, we from present the high-tech workshop at Hof University of Applied Sciences in more detail. [more]

published: 10.05.2022

Award for digitization and research in university teaching

During this year's Dies Academicus, on April 25, 2022, the Society of Friends and Sponsors of Hof University of Applied Sciences awarded prizes to the winners of the "Digital Awakening of Teaching" award for 2020 and 2021 and also presented a special research prize for 2021. [more]

published: 29.04.2022

Faculty of Computer Science: Modern Web Development with Hof.js

Client-side web development is currently dominated worldwide by the web frameworks Angular (Google) and React (Meta/Facebook) as well as Vue. In the European/German market, there is currently no competitive solution and universities/universities have not yet been able to counter this. The university project Hof.js under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Walter Kern is trying to change this and already offers innovative functionalities in the first version that are in part clearly superior to the solutions of the top dogs Google & Co. [more]

published: 29.04.2022