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Information, music and culinary delights: the “Night of the Sciences 2023” on June 23

After a four-year break due to corona, Hof University of Applied Sciences is once again inviting the general public to the "Night of the Sciences" at the Hof campus on June 23. A diverse program of research, teaching, music and culinary delights will be on offer. Visitors can not only get to know the facilities, but also try out many future trends for themselves. [more]

published: 22.05.2023

JEC World – “International alignment in composites progresses steadily”

As one of about 1,200 exhibitors, the Institute of Materials Science at Hof University of Applied Sciences (ifm) went to the JEC World 2023 trade fair in Paris for the first time at the end of April. The aim was to make itself known further on an international level - around 50 countries took part - and to keep an eye out for new project partners. [more]

published: 05.05.2023

A citizen-friendly and digital administration – it could all be so simple..

The digitization of public administration is one of the state's major mammoth projects on the road to greater citizen-friendliness. In order to advance this, the Competence Center for Digital Administration (KDV) was established 2 years ago at Hof University of Applied Sciences. In the presence of Judith Gerlach, the Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, the first results have now been presented. [more]

published: 27.03.2023

Hof University on the way to energy independence

Hof University of Applied Sciences would like to become independent of external energy in the future. To achieve this goal, the project "Energy self-sufficient Hof University" has now been launched. By the end of the year, Oliver Stark and his team at the iwe want to gain the necessary insights to achieve the big goal. [more]

published: 09.03.2023

“In the fast lane at 300km/h” – Dr. Gradel accompanies delegation trip to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Bavaria is intensifying its economic relations with the Arabian Peninsula. A 30-strong delegation from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs from the fields of energy and hydrogen, environmental technology and medical technology traveled to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for this purpose - with them: Dr. Andy Gradel from the Institute for Water and Energy Management at Hof University of Applied Sciences. [more]

published: 28.02.2023

“Digital Lotse Wasser” offers digital solutions for water management

With the new online platform "Digital Lotse Wasser," Hof University of Applied Sciences aims to record and publicize modern digitization solutions for the German-speaking water industry. According to the researchers, only around 10 percent of the available digital aids are currently being used in the utility industry. [more]

published: 15.02.2023

Project launch: Efficient operation of buildings using different renewable energies

While the new building of the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences is still under construction, the emerging building is already becoming the subject of innovative research. In the OUR-E project that has now been launched, researchers and company representatives are initially analyzing the centerpiece of the new institute building, the central large-scale heat storage system. [more]

published: 07.02.2023

Innovative Women: “Making Tomorrow’s World Better”

In a video portrait in the "Innovative Women" series, researcher Jessica Wittmann from the Institute of Materials Science explains how surface coatings are developed from natural and sustainable raw materials such as cinnamon or crab shells to keep germ contamination as low as possible and where they are used. [more]

published: 27.01.2023

Digital support for cluster headache – university involved in development

The DMKG Cluster app has recently become available in the app stores. It was developed by the German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG) in collaboration with the Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iisys) and smartlytic GmbH specifically for sufferers of cluster headache. [more]

published: 24.01.2023

Green hydrogen: New research focus at Hof University of Applied Sciences

With funding from the Hightech Agenda Bayern, Professors Tobias Plessing, Tobias Schnabel and Jörg Krumreich and Deputy Institute Director Andy Gradel are currently closing a gap in the research landscape on hydrogen technologies for the future at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Their research focus is on the production of green hydrogen. [more]

published: 07.12.2022