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Design and Mobility” course: Entering a new age of locomotion!

Hardly any other economic sector is currently undergoing as much change as that of mobility. Whether in the automotive industry, which is specializing in new forms of propulsion, in electric-powered bicycles, or in public transportation systems, which are adapting to new requirements, far-reaching changes in climate and energy policy, as well as in society as a whole, are giving rise to completely new forms of mobility. The Hof University of Applied Sciences is now offering the chance to help shape means of transportation for the future in the truest sense of the word. In cooperation with the Staatliche Fachschule für Produktdesign Selb, the new course of study “Design and Mobility” will start in the winter semester of 2021/22, and interested students can apply for it soon at . Students can look forward to entering a market of the future.

Selb as a place of learning: working on a design model. Image: Berufsfachschule for Product Design/Bernd Rössler;

Mankind is striving for new answers to one of its basic needs: Mobility. The question of how we will move from one point to another in the future is currently occupying the minds of scientists, companies, politicians and the media. And not without good reason – after all, in Germany, an industrialized country, this is directly linked to questions about our prosperity and the world we live and work in.

Bachelor’s program for an initial 30 students

Innovative, economical, but also ecologically sustainable and visually appealing solutions are all the more in demand. Empowering young people to create precisely these is the explicit goal of the new “Design and Mobility” degree program at Hof University of Applied Sciences’ new learning venue Selb. In the form of a bachelor’s degree, up to 30 students will be taught the design of the latest mobility starting in the winter semester. Most of the courses will be held in Selb, and in a few cases on the campus of Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Best career prospects

Among other things, the course focuses on the use of digital tools: “The latest technology enables us to redesign the world of tomorrow. We want to enable young people to combine functional and visually convincing design of future means of transport as convincingly as possible. This is an extremely exciting and challenging task that we are happy to take on. I am convinced that our future graduates will have excellent career prospects in this field,” says university president Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann. The latter is particularly true, he said, because a precisely targeted positioning of the new degree program is already generating strong interest from industry.

Digital design, handcrafted implementation

The design of new mobility requires extensive knowledge and skills, Prof. Dr. Herbert Reichel leaves no doubt about that. He is responsible for the design department at Hof University of Applied Sciences and is largely responsible for the conception of the new course of study in Selb: “Efficient movement is made possible by precise physical calculations, by customized materials, ergonomic design and also by good usability of the end product. Our teaching will therefore include the transfer from initial conceptions on paper to physical realization and manual work, and finally to the transfer to the digital world,” he explains. A natural handling of high-end design programs, virtual reality as well as 3D printing will therefore already be taught during the studies.

Overview of the new Selb learning site; Image: City of Selb;

Cooperation with industry and business

The Design and Mobility program at Hof University of Applied Sciences, however, does not limit itself to pure university teaching, but works in intensive exchange with relevant partners in the mobility industry. In teamwork with development engineers, sales or even business people, the best solution for the product is worked out in each case. In this way, students are also taught the requirements of relevant companies, which do not relate solely to the teaching area, but whose implementation is elementary for the later success of the product.

Design determines success

Those responsible leave no doubt that, in addition to all the functionalities to be fulfilled, the eye of the beholder is also crucial to the successful design of new mobility: “Design quality is a basic prerequisite for the success of a product. The best solutions are only accepted by customers if the design is also modern and appealing,” says Bernd Rössler, specialist teacher at the vocational school for product design.

If your dream is that the results of your own work will move the world of tomorrow, you can apply for the new “Design & Mobility” degree program at Hof University of Applied Sciences starting in May 2021

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