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Unique Master’s Program: Applied Psychology – A Professional Field with a Future

Global change processes such as digitization or the development toward sustainable production are presenting the economy and society with ever new challenges and uncertainties. As a consequence, there is also a growing need for trained psychologists who investigate, accompany and shape the processes of change and transformation at a personal and organizational level. With the new master’s program in Applied Psychology, Hof University of Applied Sciences is now offering a unique German-wide program starting in the summer semester of 2023 that will provide students with the necessary know-how for this.

With the master’s program in Applied Psychology (M.Sc.), bachelor’s graduates from psychology or business psychology have the opportunity to earn a general degree in psychology. Image: adobestock.com;

Application-oriented and behavioral research is becoming increasingly important for companies: with its help, countless questions are already being answered in connection with the recruitment, management and motivation of employees, but also with regard to the analysis of consumer behavior. “Aptitude diagnostics, structured employee satisfaction analyses, competence management, consulting or consumer research – these are all examples of new fields of application for trained psychologists for the economy”, explains Prof. Dr. Jens Kirchner, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Hof University of Applied Sciences, the diverse fields of application for appropriately trained experts.

No comparable study program

So it’s no wonder that more and more application-oriented bachelor’s degree programs in psychology – primarily in the field of business psychology – have been introduced at state universities in recent years

Most of the courses of study of this kind enjoy great popularity. It is therefore logical for us to establish a master’s degree program that builds directly on this.”

Prof. Dr. Jens Kirchner

And he continues: “With the new master’s program in Applied Psychology (M.Sc.), we are offering bachelor’s graduates from psychology or business psychology the comparatively unique opportunity to earn a general degree in psychology.” Currently, there is no comparable offering at a German university.

Application-oriented behavioral research

The aim of the new program is to provide students with the necessary know-how as well as the technical, methodological and personal skills to conduct independent and application-oriented behavioral research – both in an entrepreneurial and university context. The focus of the course is on practical questions relating to human behavior (including consumer behavior, behavior in groups, leadership behavior) from the business world, which must be answered in an application-oriented and scientifically sound manner.


Due to the practical and application-oriented focus, graduates are prepared for both university and entrepreneurial activities. Possible career paths are:

  • Scientific assistant / research
  • Personnel officer
  • Market researcher
  • Personnel consultant
  • Suitability diagnostics

Admission requirements

Bachelor graduates in psychology or in an application-related interdisciplinary psychology course (e.g. business psychology) can apply for the course. The standard period of study is three semesters, and in future it will be possible to start the program in both the summer and winter semesters. Graduates of the new master’s program will receive the degree of “Master of Science”.

Apply now!

The degree program “Applied Psychology” will start in the summer semester 2023 at Hof University of Applied Sciences.
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Rainer Krauß

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