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Wanted: Creative minds with strong action competence for new M.B.A.!

Innovation and digitization are two areas of business life that can hardly be separated from each other now and in the future: After all, there is hardly a new or further development today that does not also rely on the possibilities of digitization. To meet these conditions, the global demand for professionally well-trained, dynamic and creative executives with appropriate skills in both areas is enormously high. With the new English-language master’s program “Digitalization and Innovation”, Hof University of Applied Sciences is now establishing an offering at the Faculty of Continuing Education in the summer semester of 2022 that will meet precisely this need.

Multinational collaboration at the intersection of management, digitization and innovation is becoming increasingly important; Image: Lightfield Studios – stock.adobe.com;

We want to enable further development for students that links theory and practice in the areas of digitization and innovation and enables them to think and act creatively and in terms of large-scale solutions. In this way, they should be able to use their creative action potential in the best possible way in Industry 4.0 or in start-ups.”

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmola, program director

High demand for qualified specialists

“Particularly in emerging markets, the demand for workers with such comprehensive management skills is enormously high, and this becomes clear again and again in personal conversations,” also says Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner. And further

Graduates of the program can also be of great interest to domestic companies – especially if the companies themselves have internationalization plans.”

Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner, co-initiator

High practical relevance through project work

The master’s program itself consists of two theoretical semesters at Hof University of Applied Sciences and two additional practical semesters with an included master’s thesis, which add up to four semesters of standard study time. Through project work, which is an integral part of the course, the content is conveyed in a clear and practical manner. Both classic learning formats and blended learning, i.e. a mixture of classroom and online teaching, are used during the course. In addition, simulations and case studies are used to achieve a special deepening of the practical application. The aim is also to impart and build up a language competence in German of at least B1 as well as specialist knowledge and skills in the areas of innovation management, change management, digital business models, Industry 4.0 / IoT, data analysis and interdisciplinary and multinational collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmola (left), Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner and Ralloù Moutafis (research assistant) supervise the new degree program; Images: Hof University of Applied Sciences and private;

The combination of modules from different disciplines enables an interdisciplinary all-round view, which is increasingly used in companies in particular. Essentially, two core areas are linked in the degree program: Business Administration and Information Technology. They are interwoven and made applicable by learning innovative methods and ways of working, such as design thinking. A particular focus of the management modules is therefore on the conception and implementation of changes and innovations in companies. The more technical modules on data analysis, IT security and Industry 4.0 provide a complementary professional basis for the real implementation of new projects.

Involvement of regional and supraregional partners

Partner institutions of Hof University of Applied Sciences are also to be involved regionally and supraregionally. “In addition to close cooperation with the Digital Founders Center Einstein1, we also want to firmly anchor the degree program with regional and supra-regional companies and associations. We also aim to integrate the know-how of our foreign partner universities, as well as to create synergies with existing courses at the Faculty of Continuing Education at our university,” says Prof. Daniel Werner, explaining the multifaceted connections.

Ready for management positions

“Graduates then possess the skills and knowledge necessary to work on and implement complex problems and tasks holistically, independently & autonomously at the strategic and operational level. They can take on leadership positions,” says Prof. Gerald Schmola, explaining the holistic approach

With the digital startup center Einstein1 at Hof University of Applied Sciences, digital innovation and entrepreneurship are core pillars of our university strategy. Especially in the area of innovation, students can benefit from the synergies between the incubator and university teaching and can already establish contacts in the business world during their studies.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann, University President

The course of studies fits ideally into this strategy, also in view of the university’s international outlook.

Information and application

The study program “Digitalization and Innovation (M.B.A.)” will start in the summer semester 2022 at Hof University of Applied Sciences. From 05-30 November 2021, the application portal for the study program will be open. To apply, a relevant Bachelor’s degree (with 180 ECTS or comparable qualification) is required. Further information is available here.

Rainer Krauß

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