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Master’s program “Digital Transformation” at Hof University of Applied Sciences picks up speed!

Digitization has us firmly in its grip. The current pandemic situation makes it clear how important the new technologies are, what gaps still need to be closed, and what challenges we face in applying the techniques.

Smart technologies – a question of survival for companies in a digital age.

The impact of digitization on customer interactions, value chains and on companies’ business models is becoming ever greater. For a long time now, a website, a PDF form or a simple store have no longer been enough

It is much more a matter of understanding customer needs or individually designing the product and service offering in order to be able to hold one’s own against the competition. At the same time, the pressure on quality, costs, and speed is increasing, as are the requirements for transparency. Managers are faced with the challenge of strategically aligning themselves with the new digital world. However, there is often a lack of digital expertise and a clear digital vision. In addition, the unrecognized urgency to change as well as unclear roles and responsibilities stand in the way of digital transformation

Digitization is a strategic issue for the entire company; the IT department alone can’t do anything.”

Prof. Dr. Heike Markus, Director of Studies

This part-time master’s program at Hof University of Applied Sciences was developed for a whole new management generation that is ready to help drive this development. Study modules such as Digital Business Models, Data-Driven Strategy Development & Organizational Management, Data Science, Business Analytics or Business Intelligence train the specialists and managers to understand the effects of digital change and to successfully implement the transformation needs it has created in their own companies.

Practical and digital teaching experience

In designing the course of study, great importance is attached to working on self-selected and practical projects in virtual small groups. These receive demand-oriented support from the lecturers via video conferencing. “All of our lecturers have many years of practical experience, which they are able to convey to the students in an authentic way. Due to Covid-19, many modules are currently taking place purely digitally again. As the situation normalizes, we will move to a blended learning concept with an average of 70 percent digital components,” says Prof. Dr. Heike Markus. This gives participants a high degree of flexibility. In addition, they will gain experience with different ways of working together in a digital context.

Information event on 19.01.2022 – all questions about the master’s program “Digital Transformation” will be answered here by program director Prof. Dr. Heike Markus.

Information about the study program and the upcoming information event can be found at: https://www.beruf-plus-studium.de/weiterbildungsangebote/digitale-transformation/

Anica Schulze

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