Timetravel Fichtelgebirge project: University creates virtual time travel through the Fichtelgebirge region

The "Timetravel Fichtelgebirge" project, launched in 2023, will bring regional history back to life at the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum Wunsiedel: From fall 2024, visitors will be able to take a virtual journey through time to identity-forming places, famous personalities and thematic identity anchors in the Fichtelgebirge. The museum thus links past and present, real objects and virtual applications and conveys local culture and regional identity. [more]

published: 24.05.2024

#Something with technology? Faculty of Engineering invites students to the university for advice

The Faculty of Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences invites prospective students and their parents to an advisory service "#Irgendwas mit Technik?" on the Hof campus on Wednesday, 19.06.2024. The information afternoon starts at 4 p.m. in the foyer of the B building. The aim is to inform pupils about the modular Bachelor's degree course in Engineering Sciences with five fields of study and to arouse enthusiasm for studying engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences. [more]

published: 24.05.2024

“Intelligent brains are lazy!” – City lecture series remains very popular

"Factors influencing the development of intelligence and the decline of cognitive abilities in old age" was the motto of the second Hof City Lecture in the student café "Zur Auszeit". In her lecture, Professor Cynthia Sende, a business psychologist, explored the extent to which genes and the environment influence the development of intelligence in youth and its decline in old age. [more]

published: 17.05.2024

The importance of the sketch: Projects in the “Design and Mobility” degree program

The sketch is our common medium of communication - in the Design and Mobility degree program at the Selb learning location, the course is very practice-oriented - with a drawing room. Sometimes the students make sketches for joint project exercises, but some concepts also lead to collaborations with companies. How exactly are our semester projects structured? Course director Prof. Lutz Fügener and Prof. Alexander Forst provide an insight in an interview with Campuls digital: [more]

published: 16.05.2024

When Hof is already upside down on Mondays: The 592nd “Schlappentag” on May 27, 2024

Students who have not been in the city for very long will probably be rubbing their eyes in amazement on May 27: On a Monday of all days, the city of Hof turns upside down and celebrates its annual "national holiday". The "Schlappentag" is not only the most typical of all regional festivals and almost six centuries old, but has also been an intangible Bavarian cultural heritage for several years. [more]

published: 14.05.2024

What’s going on at the student café “Zur Auszeit”?

The student café "Zur Auszeit" has been open in Hof's Karolinenstraße since the end of 2023. To support this great commitment and keep you up to date on the many events on site, you can now always find an up-to-date program overview in the "campuls-digital" - enjoy your visit! [more]

published: 13.05.2024

Starting signal: start-up hubs in five Bavarian university regions

Strong start-up spirit throughout Bavaria! Science Minister Markus Blume gave the go-ahead for start-up hubs in Middle Franconia, Upper Franconia, Lower Franconia, Swabia and Eastern Bavaria at the Zollhof in Nuremberg at the beginning of May. They are intended to help students and academic staff get off to a flying start - with special qualification offers and support for specific start-up projects. [more]

published: 07.05.2024

Smart City Hof project: Virtual urban planning by citizens!

Bringing people closer to digitalization and the many opportunities it offers - that is the aim of the Hof district's Smart City model project. The Smart City team is currently working together with Hof University of Applied Sciences on a virtual reality (VR) application. [more]

published: 02.05.2024

Congratulations to Judith Seiferth: 25 years of service

Judith Seiferth is a laboratory engineer at Hof University of Applied Sciences. In April 2024, she was presented with a certificate by Chancellor Ute Coenen to mark 25 years of service with the Free State of Bavaria. Find out what is important to her for the future and what she appreciates about Hof University of Applied Sciences here. [more]

published: 02.05.2024

New partner: University and Satbayev University from Kazakhstan sign MOU

Hof University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a cosmopolitan and internationally oriented educational institution. The topic of internationalization is firmly anchored in the university's mission statement and contacts are maintained with more than 130 partner institutions worldwide. The university and Satbayev University from Kazakhstan have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). [more]

published: 30.04.2024