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Hof University of Applied Sciences: Facts and figures students should know!

With the start of the summer semester 2022, more than 500 first-semester students have begun their studies at Hof University of Applied Sciences. The university can therefore currently boast a total of over 3,700 students. Among them are also about 1,500 students with non-German citizenship. More information about the start of the semester can be found here.

Hof University of Applied Sciences currently has over 3,700 students; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

We at Campuls.digital also welcome all students, say “Welcome back to presence” to all higher semesters and give you a few more facts about your university and the city of Hof.

Hof University of Applied Sciences – Facts and Figures

Hof University consists of four locations. The campus Hof, Münchberg (district Hof), Kronach and Selb (district Wunsiedel).

The students of the 45 different courses of study are supervised and taught by a total of 104 professors, 20 lecturers for special tasks and 140 assistant lecturers.

Practical orientation, internationalization (focus on India) and intelligent use of resources (water and energy efficiency) are the focus of teaching and research at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Four faculties (Computer Science, Engineering, Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences, and Economics) and a Faculty of Continuing Education form the basic organizational units of Hof University of Applied Sciences.

A total of 74 high-tech laboratories of the faculties of engineering, computer science and economics offer students the opportunity to deepen their learning in a practical way.

University graduates also have the opportunity to earn their doctorate at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Already 12 cooperative doctorates, i.e. doctorates in collaboration with universities, have been completed at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

The start-up ecosystem is also growing continuously. The Makerspace, a high-tech workshop for tinkerers and hobbyists open to all members of the Hof University of Applied Sciences, allows inventors to realize their creative, technical ideas.

Since 2017, the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1 at the Hof campus has been the number one contact point for start-ups from Hochfranken and the Vogtland district.

The Digital Startup Center Einstein 1 at the Hof University of Applied Sciences campus; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The research university Hof – Four research institutes

The topics of research and development also play a special role at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Valentin Plenk, the Vice President for Research and Development, the Research Marketing Department has made it its task to further publicize the projects of the “Researching Hof University of Applied Sciences”, as well as to ensure the transfer of knowledge from existing research projects to applications in the region.

The main topics are reflected in the four research institutes
Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research (ibp)
The Institute for Material Sciences (ifm)

– The Institute for

Information Systems (iisys) and-
The Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe)


The first research institute, iisys, was founded in 2010. Currently, Hof University has reached an all-time high in ongoing research projects.

The Hof Campus – Between studies and leisure

In addition to studying, the Hof campus also offers various leisure activities.

Lunch breaks can be spent in the large refectory or in the cafeteria directly on campus. When the weather is nice, you can fill up on vitamin D at the two ponds or in the 6 beach chairs.

If you want to really work out, you shouldn’t miss the sports program at Hof University of Applied Sciences. You can find more information here.

And if you want to relax at home between lectures, the 3 student residences at the Hof and Münchberg campuses are only a short distance away.

The numerous student initiatives offer opportunities to get involved with the university and the students, to gain experience, and to make new contacts and friends. You can get an overview of the student initiatives here.

And there is always something happening on campus, from the legendary Boom Party to a movie night. You can find the calendar of events here.

The city of Hof – at the top in Bavaria

But what should not be missing when studying – of course, to explore the new home a little closer.

The city of Hof – at the top of Bavaria – is an absolute place of pleasure. For the physical well-being 10 bakeries, 7 butcher ‘s shops and 2 breweries provide.

Around 300 gastronomic establishments, i.e. bars, restaurants and kiosks, invite you to dine deliciously or to start one or the other pub crawl through Hof.

No matter what time of year, Hof’s Untreusee lake, the Theresienstein civic park and the Förmitz reservoir near Schwarzenbach an der Saale (district of Hof) are absolute excursion recommendations and can be easily reached by bike along the Saale bike path.

Skiing and hiking are also not to be missed in the region, as the Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Forest are an absolute must for all nature lovers.

Further excursion tips in the Hof region will be presented in more detail in the coming weeks. Leisure time tips in and around Hof can be found here.

Franziska Brömel

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