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Implications of the AI age – city lecture discusses artificial intelligence

With around 60 visitors, the city lecture “Of cyborgs and digital creatures” was a successful conclusion to the city lecture format, which is now entering its summer break. Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener, an expert in digital marketing at Hof University of Applied Sciences, shed light on the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and used a series of impressive examples to illustrate its diverse areas of application and potential challenges.

Once again, the student café “Zur Auszeit” was packed at the city lecture; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The focus was on the question of the interaction between humans and machines – what happens when we use technology to optimize our work and ultimately ourselves? The journey began with Google Auto Suggest to fully AI-generated video clips. The opportunities offered by chatbots as brainstorming partners and as digital agencies and work assistants to enrich our lives were discussed. It finally ended with cyborgs, i.e. people who see new technology as a personal upgrade.

Speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener (left) together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Valentin Plenk, Vice President Research and Development at Hof University of Applied Sciences; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Of course, the risks associated with AI were also discussed. From ethical considerations regarding its use in the military sector (such as controlling drone missions) to the spread of misinformation through AI-controlled algorithms – all of this was discussed intensively with the audience.

Overall, the event offered a multifaceted view of the complex field of AI and stimulated interesting debates both among the participants and in the subsequent discussions. Due to the immense interest, Hof University of Applied Sciences is planning further city lectures on this controversial topic. More information will follow in our newsletter and on all channels of Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Katrin Müller
Anne-Christine Habbel

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