Die Forschende Hochschule Hof

Implications of the AI age – city lecture discusses artificial intelligence

With around 60 visitors, the city lecture "Of cyborgs and digital creatures" was a successful conclusion to the city lecture format, which is now entering its summer break. Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener, an expert in digital marketing at Hof University of Applied Sciences, shed light on the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and used a series of impressive examples to demonstrate its diverse areas of application. [more]

published: 10.07.2024

ERNACT regions network gets to know new member region Hof via speed dating

Hof University of Applied Sciences is becoming increasingly international: Now the European regional network ERNACT held its first international management committee meeting in Upper Franconia, its newest member region. During these days, representatives from various European regions had the opportunity to learn more about Hof University of Applied Sciences and the innovation ecosystem in which the university is embedded. [more]

published: 18.03.2024

Inquiry: What exactly is “Open Access” and what are its advantages?

Publishing in open access offers numerous advantages. In addition to worldwide access to research results, open access promotes the visibility of publications, increases the frequency of citations and accelerates scientific progress, as researchers worldwide can access and build on the latest findings. [more]

published: 07.03.2024