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More exchange: Scientific institute colloquium connects

For the first time this year, the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research (Ibp) created and held a format to create more transparency and exchange between the different university institutes in the future: The 1st Scientific Institute Colloquium.

The iisys was the venue for the 1st Scientific Institute Colloquium; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

“In most cases, our scientists only know from a few colleagues with which research areas they are currently engaged. Accordingly, in the past, collaborations and joint research projects between the individual institutes often only came about by chance. The event is intended to improve this cooperation,” says Prof. Dr. Michael Nase, director of the lbp, explaining the core idea behind the new forum.

With the help of the event, we want to improve cooperation among each other.

Prof. Dr. Michael Nase

For the event, all scientific staff members created a poster about their research projects. The aim of this visualization was to present their own projects and to give a short overview of the project content. All created posters were collected by the Ibp, sorted and made available to a voting process. For this voting each employee had a total of 3 votes, which he could give for the projects most interesting from his point of view.

Award for the most exciting projects

On the day of the event itself, 22.09.2020, the three projects with the most points were then presented in more detail with the help of a small presentation including a discussion round: The presentations were the project “KH-Bett” by Jessica Wittmann (ifm), “BRAVE” by Johannes Thüroff (iwe) and “MARDER” by David Krieg (ibp). Due to a high practical relevance, the mentioned projects scored strongly in the evaluation

  • The “KH-Bett” project, for example, is concerned with the development of antibacterial coated surfaces for hospital and care beds with the active ingredient chitosan.
  • In the “BRAVE” project, research is being conducted into the development of biologically based and biodegradable sandwich insulation panels made from residual materials, natural fibers and a biological binder or adhesive.
  • The “MARDER” project is concerned with the problem of marten damage in the automotive sector. In this regard, a PVC-free hose specially protected against animal bites is being developed for the automotive industry.

The culinary arts will have to wait

Originally, the event was to be combined with the annual institute barbecue. Due to the current situation, however, the culinary part was cancelled for this year, so that only the scientific part was carried out in the iisys building in compliance with the protective measures. There is hope, however, that the barbecue can also be made up for next year, according to the organizers

Rainer Krauß
Isabell Kleiber

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