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A bit of East Frisia in Upper Franconia: studying at Hof University

Aleka Briese has decided to study far away from home. Since the current summer semester, she has been studying International Project Management with a specialization in Technical Project Management at Germany's most popular university. You can read about what she perceives as different here than in East Frisia and what she gives others as a tip at Campuls digital. [more]

published: 31.05.2024

“International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering” in Bangladesch

At the two-day International Conference on Textile Science and Technology, international experts exchanged views on textile processing, sustainability and the circular economy. [more]

published: 29.05.2024

Democracy conference “Europe – we have the choice” at Hof University

At the "Democracy Conference: Europe - we have the choice" on Thursday, May 30, 2024, in the Audimax of Hof University of Applied Sciences, more than 130 citizens came together to share their experiences. [more]

published: 28.05.2024

Dance, laugh, be free: Boom party at Hof University of Applied Sciences

Learning, living and having fun together during your time at university. On May 16, 2024, you could experience the Hof University of Applied Sciences campus as a disco. [more]

published: 24.05.2024

Career aspirations: game designer, app developer or web designer – Computer Science Info Day in Hof

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, pupils were able to discover how to make a NAO robot play soccer or drive a vehicle by itself at the Computer Science Info Day at Hof University of Applied Sciences. [more]

published: 23.05.2024

The importance of the sketch: Projects in the “Design and Mobility” degree program

The sketch is our common medium of communication - in the Design and Mobility degree program at the Selb learning location, the course is very practice-oriented - with a drawing room. Sometimes the students make sketches for joint project exercises, but some concepts also lead to collaborations with companies. How exactly are our semester projects structured? Course director Prof. Lutz Fügener and Prof. Alexander Forst provide an insight in an interview with Campuls digital: [more]

published: 16.05.2024

Congratulations to Judith Seiferth: 25 years of service

Judith Seiferth is a laboratory engineer at Hof University of Applied Sciences. In April 2024, she was presented with a certificate by Chancellor Ute Coenen to mark 25 years of service with the Free State of Bavaria. Find out what is important to her for the future and what she appreciates about Hof University of Applied Sciences here. [more]

published: 02.05.2024

Change it! stud: Sustainability improvement idea wins award!

Via the online portal Change-it! Stud, students can participate directly in change management at Hof University of Applied Sciences and submit specific suggestions for improvement in certain areas. One of the ideas submitted for the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24 has now been awarded a prize. [more]

published: 29.04.2024

Teamplayer wanted at the interface of business and digital transformation

Do you have an interest in both technology and business and are you open to change? In our new Bachelor's degree program, you will learn how to set up digital business models and introduce them into companies. Is practical relevance important to you? The Digital Business B.A. course can also be studied on a dual basis. Course Director Prof. Christine Brautsch introduces the new course in more detail: [more]

published: 25.04.2024

Interview: Car control via ‘Brain Computer Interface’ in the Master’s programme

Vincent Tischler, a student on the "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics" Master's programme, has been able to try out various technical tools as part of his studies. In an interview with Campuls digital, he provides insights into current BCI projects and talks about what he enjoys about studying at the most popular university. [more]

published: 20.03.2024

Search for nursing staff: Exchange with Tunisia for Master ‘Cross Cultural Nursing Practice’

Prof. Dr Matthias Drossel, head of the Cross Cultural Nursing Practice Master's degree programme, recently went on a four-day trip to Tunisia together with Michael Weiß-Gehring and Saif Abdellatif from Flegisto, who help international nurses to find work opportunities in Upper Franconia and are experts on the Tunisian region. The aim of the trip was, on the one hand, to establish cooperation in research and teaching and, on the other, to analyse the skills of the international nursing staff, in this case from Tunisia, in detail. [more]

published: 14.03.2024

Shaping catheters with steam: project between Hof University and the Sana Hospital

Another project, which was realised in the university's MakerSpace, marked another milestone in the collaboration with the Sana Klinikum in Hof. The challenge was to develop an apparatus that enables standard medical catheters to be moulded into special shapes. [more]

published: 26.02.2024

Health day: How are exercise and mental health connected in everyday life?

Dr Katja Bühlmeyer will be a guest at Hof University's Health Day on 28 February 2024. On this day, all members of the university will have the opportunity to try out various sports programmes on the Hof campus and learn more about health and nutrition. In the morning, the sports scientist from the University of Bayreuth will provide information on "The role of exercise for mental health". [more]

published: 23.02.2024

Research at a glance: The new Research Information System (FIS) of Hof University

Some time ago, Hof University of Applied Sciences started to set up a new database in which central results on research at Hof University of Applied Sciences are entered. The aim is to professionalize research management. [more]

published: 13.02.2024

Multimedia work at Hof University of Applied Sciences – you can borrow equipment here

Do you enjoy working with cameras, sound technology and lighting or would you like to use tablets, VR glasses and drones for your study project? At Hof University of Applied Sciences, you have a wide range of equipment to choose from. [more]

published: 12.02.2024

“The best ideas are useless if you can’t transport them” – Interview with founder Max Förster

His journey began with a degree in computer science at Hof University of Applied Sciences and he now runs his own company. In an interview with Campuls Digital, Max Förster talks about the qualities and skills that are important for success and how he got started in business step by step. [more]

published: 08.02.2024

Team scores against team

How can you bypass security measures? And how can you protect yourself from online attacks? [more]

published: 15.12.2023

Boomparty 2024 – Hof University of Applied Sciences celebrates

Once a semester, the student representatives and many helpers transform Hof University of Applied Sciences into a disco with several dance floors. We are already looking forward to the next party with you! [more]

published: 11.12.2023