25 years of public service: Prof Thomas Meuche’s anniversary

Prof Thomas Meuche has been in public service for 25 years. He currently heads the Digital Administration Competence Centre at Hof Campus. In an interview with Campuls digital, he talks about the past few years and which moment he particularly remembers. [more]

published: 04.03.2024

With the help of AI: sewer networks are to be managed intelligently

The development of an intelligent management system for sewer networks is the aim of a research project involving Hof University of Applied Sciences. This is to be achieved by using innovative sewer network sensors and incorporating historical weather data and current weather forecasts. [more]

published: 29.02.2024

Two researchers from South America on “Mahlzeit” and German calendar weeks

Germany and Latin American countries are linked by diverse relationships, and growing cooperation in science has been observed for many years. Hof University of Applied Sciences also wants to focus more on Latin America. To this end, President Lehmann recently undertook a trip to five countries: Paraguay, Panama, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica. However, Hof University of Applied Sciences already has two researchers here - more in the interview: [more]

published: 28.02.2024

Health day: How are exercise and mental health connected in everyday life?

Dr Katja Bühlmeyer will be a guest at Hof University's Health Day on 28 February 2024. On this day, all members of the university will have the opportunity to try out various sports programmes on the Hof campus and learn more about health and nutrition. In the morning, the sports scientist from the University of Bayreuth will provide information on "The role of exercise for mental health". [more]

published: 23.02.2024

Wind loads in a solar field – a master’s thesis in the Andalusian sun

In the south of Spain, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) - Institute of Solar Research has access to the "Plataforma Solar de Almería" of the Spanish research center CIEMAT. Researchers use the power of the sun here to test high-temperature solar technologies under realistic conditions. Laura Paulus is currently writing her Master's thesis there. [more]

published: 23.02.2024

Inquiry: How public is the Hof University of Applied Sciences?

As a university with almost 500 employees and around 3,800 students, we repeatedly receive feedback that people are not aware that they can enter the university buildings "just like that" or stroll around the campus - even if they are not studying. Our external guests usually have a private or professional interest in coming to us. What is available to you? Read more in the interview with the Hof Research University. [more]

published: 23.02.2024

Hof University of Applied Sciences recognizes foreign nursing staff in Hof

Hof University of Applied Sciences will be the first university in Germany to conduct knowledge examinations and adaptation courses for foreign nursing staff as part of a Master's degree program. According to the Bavarian State Office for Nursing, the institution will receive official certification for such services and can therefore implement recognition for foreign nursing professionals itself. [more]

published: 14.02.2024