ERNACT regions network gets to know new member region Hof via speed dating

Hof University of Applied Sciences is becoming increasingly international: Now the European regional network ERNACT held its first international management committee meeting in Upper Franconia, its newest member region. During these days, representatives from various European regions had the opportunity to learn more about Hof University of Applied Sciences and the innovation ecosystem in which the university is embedded. [more]

published: 18.03.2024

Induction days for the summer semester 2024: Welcome to Hof!

The new summer semester is just around the corner and we are looking forward to welcoming many new faces to our university! To get your studies off to a good start, there are introductory days where first-year students get to know their fellow students and the professors. [more]

published: 15.03.2024

Search for nursing staff: Exchange with Tunisia for Master ‘Cross Cultural Nursing Practice’

Prof. Dr Matthias Drossel, head of the Cross Cultural Nursing Practice Master's degree programme, recently went on a four-day trip to Tunisia together with Michael Weiß-Gehring and Saif Abdellatif from Flegisto, who help international nurses to find work opportunities in Upper Franconia and are experts on the Tunisian region. The aim of the trip was, on the one hand, to establish cooperation in research and teaching and, on the other, to analyse the skills of the international nursing staff, in this case from Tunisia, in detail. [more]

published: 14.03.2024

“iECO” project: Significant steps towards faster construction!

The "iECO" project aims to make private and public construction easier, faster and more efficient in future. This is to be implemented technically on the basis of the GAIA-X infrastructure as an alternative to US providers. Initial successes on a regional basis have now been announced at a meeting of the project partners. [more]

published: 12.03.2024

Economics: “Digitalization and IT technologies in practice”

In the modules "Digital Infrastructure and Internet Technologies in Practice" from the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and "Applied Research Digitalization and IT Technologies" from the Master's degree in Digital Business Management, students gained valuable practical experience in the field of digitalization and project management in the winter semester 2023/24. [more]

published: 08.03.2024

What does the new Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) do?

Hof University of Applied Sciences continues to expand its research. Since the end of last year, the Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) has for the first time given the large business department its own research institute. Prof. Dr. Jens Kirchner talks about the background and tasks of the "iwo" in an interview. [more]

published: 08.03.2024

Inquiry: What exactly is “Open Access” and what are its advantages?

Publishing in open access offers numerous advantages. In addition to worldwide access to research results, open access promotes the visibility of publications, increases the frequency of citations and accelerates scientific progress, as researchers worldwide can access and build on the latest findings. [more]

published: 07.03.2024

Textile training: Delegation from Uzbekistan visits the Münchberg campus

At the beginning of March, University President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann welcomed a far-flung visitor to the university's Münchberg campus: a 14-strong delegation from the textile universities in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan came to find out about the German education system and the study opportunities at Hof University of Applied Sciences in the field of textiles. [more]

published: 06.03.2024