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Focus on resource efficiency and sustainability at the 17th Science Day

The Science Day of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region attracted around 550 visitors under the motto "Resources for resources for tomorrow and today - a roadmap for a secure future" attracted around 550 visitors to the Hof University of Applied Sciences. Representatives from the worlds of science, business and politics discussed hot topics on resource efficiency, sustainability and innovation. [more]

published: 19.07.2024

The big stage: Münchberg collections at Neo.Fashion.2024 in Berlin

Students from the Textile Design course and course director Prof. Michael Barta are guests at the Atrium Tower in Berlin for Fashion Week. At Neo.Fashion.2024, they will be showing their final projects together with other Bachelor's and Master's graduates. [more]

published: 18.07.2024

“InSchuKa” project: Sustainability award for intelligently controlled channels

Climate change and extreme weather conditions pose major challenges for water management. The JenaWasser special-purpose association is developing intelligent digital solutions for this in the InSchuKa research project and in collaboration with Hof University of Applied Sciences, among others. [more]

published: 18.07.2024

Cooperation with India expanded: Wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry is purified

As part of the pharmIn2 project, representatives from the Bavarian-Indian Center for Industry and Higher Education (BayIND) and the Institute for Sustainable Water Systems (inwa) at Hof University of Applied Sciences traveled to India. The project aims to adapt the innovative wastewater treatment technology a3op® to the Indian market. [more]

published: 12.07.2024

The 17th Science Day of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg in Hof

Under the motto "Resources for tomorrow and today - Roadmap for a secure future", the Science Day of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg on Friday, July 19, 2024 invites you to discuss current perspectives from a wide range of disciplines on the topics of the future. [more]

published: 12.07.2024

Telematics infrastructure: Regional symposium Hochfranken in October

Hof University of Applied Sciences is hosting an on-site networking event on the topic of telematics infrastructure (TI) on October 9 (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1. The telematics infrastructure offers an intersectoral network for the fast and secure exchange of sensitive health data. [more]

published: 11.07.2024

Green hydrogen as a core technology of the energy transition – partnerships with Namibia

Namibia in particular is considered by many experts to be one of the most promising countries for the cost-effective production of green hydrogen and its derivatives such as methane, ammonia or methanol. [more]

published: 11.07.2024

Implications of the AI age – city lecture discusses artificial intelligence

With around 60 visitors, the city lecture "Of cyborgs and digital creatures" was a successful conclusion to the city lecture format, which is now entering its summer break. Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener, an expert in digital marketing at Hof University of Applied Sciences, shed light on the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and used a series of impressive examples to demonstrate its diverse areas of application. [more]

published: 10.07.2024

Make the right decision: Applicant Day at Hof University of Applied Sciences on July 26!

On Friday, July 26, 2024 from 09:30 to 17:00, Hof University of Applied Sciences will hold its Applicant Day. Both prospective students who have already decided on their desired course of study at Hof University of Applied Sciences and those who are still undecided can obtain comprehensive information on this day. [more]

published: 10.07.2024

Network launch: Further training for local heating, energy management and refrigeration technology!

Three new professional networks have been set up at the Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iwe) with major participation from local businesses. As part of a project funded by the European Social Fund, their aim is to ensure a constant transfer of knowledge between research and companies through free further training and to promote the implementation of new technologies. [more]

published: 08.07.2024

Women in data science: networking in Chemnitz

At the beginning of June, Lisa Eidloth, research assistant in the Visual Analytics research group at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys), took part in an IT event specifically for female computer science researchers. She reports on the topics covered at the Chemnitz event and what added value it provided for her. [more]

published: 08.07.2024

#kickstart2024 – Introducing: Mobile measurement test station for analyzing soil moisture

With KICKSTART, Hof University of Applied Sciences has launched a funding program that starts at a very early stage of a potential start-up - with ideas or prototype development. The KICKSTART teams have six months to develop their idea into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or prototype. [more]

published: 03.07.2024

A weekend full of challenges: The “StartUp Survivalcamp” of the StartUpLab

Last weekend, the StartUp Survival Camp of the Hof University of Applied Sciences StartUpLab took place - a unique workshop that taught entrepreneurial skills in a special way: through a survival camp in nature. [more]

published: 02.07.2024

Matthias Drossel is the new Vice President of the Association of Carers in Bavaria (VdPB)

With Matthias Drossel, Professor of Applied Healthcare at Hof University of Applied Sciences, the Association of Nurses in Bavaria (VdPB) has a new 1st Vice President. [more]

published: 01.07.2024

New AI Act of European Union aims to create trust in technology

The European Union recently adopted uniform rules for the use of artificial intelligence - and hopes to set a global standard. At the invitation of Hof University of Applied Sciences, Laura Jugel, legal advisor to the EU Commission, spoke to researchers and students about the new AI law, which she herself played a key role in drafting. [more]

published: 28.06.2024

For rapid implementation of the technology: Hydrogen region Bavaria & Bohemia launched

The Hydrogen Region Bavaria & Bohemia (HYBaBo) was founded with a kick-off meeting at Hof University of Applied Sciences. The Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe) invited representatives from small and medium-sized companies. [more]

published: 26.06.2024

The new “HofSpannung” racing car: On the hunt for success with “Artemis”!

If that's not a claim: "Artemis", the Greek goddess of the hunt, is the namesake for the new e-racing car of the HofSpannung Motorsport e.V. association, which will soon be taking part in the international Formula Student racing series for Hof University. [more]

published: 25.06.2024

Pastor Koller retires: “Never wanted to be only a missionary”

Change at the ecumenical university chaplaincy at Hof University of Applied Sciences and the neighboring University of Applied Sciences for the Civil Service in Bavaria (HföD): Pastor Rudolf Koller, the representative of the Protestant Church, is retiring. [more]

published: 24.06.2024